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TheBrain Software House

What we do

Consulting with Chimpy & Test Automation

We are Meteor testing experts. We can help you up your skills by working with you directly on the problems in your codebase. We find this is the best kind of training.

Help speed up your test suite

Help you setup a CI pipeline using your choice of tools

Make the untestable testable

Make it more reliable

Improve your testing codebase

Pair with you to teach you these skills

Development services of the highest quality

We’ve delivered multiple projects from Mobile/Web, through Backend and Low-level hardware drivers to financial-analysis software for European Investment Bank.

We know how to do testing

We are very competitively priced

We will help you decide and polish the feature requirements, not only produce the code.


Experience a one-of-a-kind hands-on Test Driven Development training. We will build an app from scratch programming for hours on end - with trainee replicating the work. In contrary to typical developer workflow - we will NOT manually verify our app. We will trust the tests. In the end, the app will work for everyone - guaranteed, or money returned. ;-)

How We Work With You

First we understand your needs and bottlenecks, then we propose an optimal solution for you to accept

We are always available to you on chat throughout the engagement for support

Why us

  • Maintainer of Chimpy (and previously long time contributors Chimp, Velocity)
  • Contributors to webdriverio, cucumberjs, react-testing-library, testdoublejs and many others test-related tools. In general - we not only use the tools. We build and improve them. If you miss a functionality in the tooling - we will be able to help.
  • We’ve built blaze renderer (blazeRenderer / blazeRendererExample) to allow React-like testing of your Blaze templates.
  • We’ve made testable Meteor package that allows using modern JS testing tooling with meteor (think: jest, WallabyJS, etc).
  • Using our deep knowledge of MeteorJS we were able to improve a very large production application performance (US government related) by a factor of 10 ( read more here: Case study)

CPU usage and number of connections before and after our improvements.

Sep 18 Sep 25 350 900 Connections Sep 17 Sep 24 100 200 CPU (ECU)
Jan 22 Jan 29 350 900 Connections Jan 22 Jan 29 100 200 CPU (ECU)

Feel free to contact us

+48 604 584 176

Organowa 1/27

20-882 Lublin